About us

Lubmann GmbH was established in Duisburg, Germany 2015 by AUTOL Group, one of the leading suppliers of centralized lubrication system for almost all kinds of application such as construction mac hinery, mining machinery, agriculture machinery, wind mill, commercial vehicle, port industry, machine tool industry and so on.

For not only the european, but also the worldwide customers, Lubmann GmbH is engaging in providing the full system solution of automatic lubrication, which can create more value such as saving the cost of labor, lubricant and maintenance, reducing the downtime and prolong the lifetime of the machine.


Both AUTOL and Lubmann systems are available through our global network of lubrication experts, offering you world-class installation and ongoing support on a local level – today and into the future.

With the power of this network, and more than 200 years of combined friction management experience, we can help you improve machine reliability, reduce maintenance, increase productivity, enhance safety and optimize manpower resources.