For the convenience of our customers to understand our product information, Lubmann have prepared product instruction manuals, application brochures and product catalogues for our dealers, OEM customers and end users.

If you have special requirements for the product, or you do not find the information you need in our download materials, please contact us with or leave us a message on our website.


According to the series of Lubmann products, our customers can query the corresponding parameters, user guidance for pumps, distributors and accessories parameters as well as the system layout solutions, maintenance, system troubleshooting and other information.

For special system configuration solutions, please contact our customer service staff or application engineers for customized guidance.


Based on several Lumbann product applications, our customers can find the economic or high-performance lubrication solutions, application cases and user feedback for corresponding equipments in the brochures.

We will introduce Lubmann/AUTOL Group’s company information, product applications and main product series in Lubmann General brochure.


In order to facilitate our agents and end users to place orders, you can query our products and accessories related information, including technical parameters, order number and so on.