Wind Energy

Wind Turbine automatic lubrication solution

  • Reduce labor intensity of maintenance staff and decrease maintenance loss
  • Reduced friction and wear, improve the service life of the bearings and gears
  • Reasonable & automatically control grease volume of bearing to ensure lubrication of the bearings are in good condition, make sure the bearings and gears are working properly in harsh environments.
  • Can lubricate some points which is difficult for manual lubrication.
  • Reduced downtime cycle due to improper lubrication, making more safe and stable operation of wind turbine generator.
  • Reasonable lubrication can reduce the waste of grease and pollution.

Wind Turbine waste grease collection system

  • Remove the waste grease containing wear debris from the bearing chamber to reduce bearing friction, good to bearing heat dissipation and reducing bearing wear.
  • The pressure in the bearing inner chamber is eliminated to ensure that the inner chamber is unclogged and make sure that new grease is filled into the bearing.

Lubmann Suplub-W Smart Wind Turbine grease exchanging system

Single Line + Waste Grease Collection System

System configuration (Main components)
The system consists of plunger grease pump, integrated single-line distributor block, monitor, grease pressure sensor, supply line, branch line, accessories, etc.The plunger grease pump is connected to distributor blocks in parallel via the supply line. On the end of the supply line, the grease pressure sensor is fitted. The discharge port of the distributor is connected to corresponding lube point.

Single-line centralized lubrication system

Single-line centralized lubrication system adopts all-parallel structure and installs the oil pressure sensor at the end of single-line distributor, real-time monitors the running status of system, Immediately stops and alarms when it has fault, and fault signal transmission to the host at the same time. According to programme needs, can separately set injection flow to each lube point; one lube point’s failure does not affect regular working of other lube points. The system has easy extension, no-blocking, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost, may facilitate redundancy design.


The monitor is set with lubrication interval. When the centralized lubrication system is under the lubrication state, the grease pump will run, and the pressurized grease is delivered to the in-parallel distributor blocks. The grease from the distributor will be introduced to lube points via branch line. And, the grease supply is completed.

The plunger grease pump stops running. The supply line is relieved through the unloading valve and auxiliary unloading valve. Grease is store in the metering chamber of each distributor at fixed amount. And, one working cycle is complete, and the lubrication system is ready to enter into next working cycle.

Single Line automatic Lubrication System

Waste Grease Collection System

Points of Innovation

  • Independent grease supply mode fully in parallel. An individual clogged branch will have no influence on normal operation of the other branches.
  • Designed with patented auxiliary unloading valve technology to effectively solve the unloading difficult of long grease line and viscous grease lubrication.
  • The number of lube points and grease amount can be quickly adjusted as demands. Each lube point is provided with independent indicator rod to feed back the real-time working state of lube points.