Heavy / Mining Industry (Smart Solution)

In the filed of heavy / mining industry, the value created by automatic lubrication system is grossly underestimated.

Mechanical failure due to poor lubrication may reduce performance and production capacity, increase operating costs and unexpected downtime.

Lubmann automatic lubrication solutions help create more values for customers with the advanced technologies like:

Online monitoring through mobile App or PC terminal: collect, inquire and store the data of the system; give a fault alarm, find the operation failure, provide fault analysis, eliminate fault to make sure the system efficient, safe and convenient.

Automatic controlling technology: the pump can supply lube automatically and efficiently.

By monitoring each lube points, the system can precisely adjust the operation diameters which guarantees environmental and saving lube distribution by needs with appropriate quantity at proper time.

The integration of network, automation, sensing technology and lube system makes sure the equipment work well. If anything goes wrong, the system will find and address promptly to avoid equipment damage.

Health Management Business Mode

Main Components: